Ollie The Pug

Ollie came to us through the Dogs Trust in January 2020. Well, we came to him actually after spotting an ad for him on their Twitter page. We’d not been looking for another dog, but it was definitely on the cards and, since I work from home, it seemed like the ideal time to dive in headfirst and get Toby a new little pal.

Fortunately, Ollie’s story isn’t a sad one. He lived with the same family for most of his life, but they had an older dog who took a disliking to him, which eventually caused anxiety. Long story short, he went through a couple of foster families over the holidays before he was finally ready to be rehomed – and along we came.

The whole thing moved on so fast. We emailed on the Saturday, met him on the Wednesday and took him home the next weekend. Note: Toby was also from the Dogs Trust, so they knew who we were etc. But he met Toby, we knew they got along, and decided if we didn’t do it now, we never would – because he was bound to get snapped up right away.

While Toby’s the most zen (a.k.a. lazy) dog I’ve ever met, Ollie, who’s 8, is the complete opposite. ‘Mental’ is the word – I was sewing his toys back together after an hour of getting back to the flat. But he’s so playful and loveable, and he totally respects Toby’s space. In fact, after days they were getting along a treat. Which was a relief – mostly because I couldn’t face the 2 hour tube journey across London to take him back!

Anyway, he’s brought a new lease of life to Toby. He’s out on walks more, he’s definitely more active, and seems to be shedding a few pounds (which is long overdue). Now, I couldn’t imagine life without him.

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