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Any posts paid for by a brand are always marked as AD in the title. An AD means that a brand has a) paid me for my time, effort and coverage and b) provided me with a number of key messages that they would like to convey to my audience.

Please note: I only agree to an AD if I am happy with these terms and feel it’s both truthful and relevant to my readers and viewers.

I feel that this is the clearest and most straightforward way to tell you – before you read content – whether there has been any brand involvement.

Press samples and gifts

As a journalist and blogger, I receive hundreds of products to try and test so that I can tell you about the best ones. Receiving these samples in no way affects how I write about them, but it allows me to have an overview of what’s on the market that I wouldn’t otherwise have.

Although press samples are often considered to be ‘gifts’, I rarely consider them this way, as I write for various publications and return the favour by offering coverage to the products I love. Naturally, I only feature a tiny proportion of what I test and hope that my honest opinion is something you value.

Affiliate links

Affiliate links are links that provide me with a small (sometimes negligible) commission if you make a purchase after clicking. Again, it doesn’t affect the way I write or how I present my content. This are clearly labelled with an asterisk (*)

If you have any further questions on the way that I disclose, please do contact me via the contact page and I’ll be happy to answer and to take on board your suggestions. Alternatively, you can find me on Twitter @carry_on_connor.

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