Fragrance: Bespoke London’s Oriental Woods & Amber

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One of the best ways to perk yourself up is with a spritz of fragrance, but no one wants to be spraying expensive cologne all day long – especially when it comes at a cost. For that reason, I love Eau Fraiche – with all the charm of Eau de Toilette/Parfum, but with one major difference.

Due to the percentage of essential oils, the cost of Eau Fraiche is significantly lower than that of standard fragrances. For example, the highest percentage is found in true perfume, which has about 22%, whereas Eau Fraiche contains about 1 to 3% essential oil, making it the lowest of all available fragrances. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less worthy when it comes to your grooming gollection.

Bespoke London Eau Fraiche | Carry On Connor

I personally love an Eau Fraiche, mainly because, as your fragrance wears throughout the day, it becomes less noticeable and fades into the background – which is sometimes a good thing, as you don’t want it to be overpowering. However, if you want to make a firm first impression, you have 2 choices; either top up your main fragrance, or turn to a cheaper alternative, where you can indulge in a liberal spritz without burning a hole in your pocket.

Introducing Bespoke London’s Oriental Woods & Amber Eau Fraiche. I love this scent for a number of reasons, not least of all because a 150 ml bottle comes in at just £2.99. However, that’s not a reflection of quality, rather the low percentage of oil makes it cheaper to produce, compared with Eau De Parfums in the range which retail at around 4x the cost.

The Eau Fraiche products use the same oils just in a lower quantity, and my favourite of the set is the Oriental Woods & Amber scent. This woody and sophisticated fragrance blend for men is dark and intense, with an oudy aroma that’s perfect for a light spritz during the day, and a more intense splash in the evening.

There’s also Sweet Spice & Sandalwood, Herbs & Tonka Bean, and Citrus & Vetiver – sticking with simple, classic scents, that work well alone, or can be layered with many of the most popular fragrances on the market for a mid-day top-up.

An Eau Fraiche isn’t ideal as a baseline fragrance – nor does it profess to be – but to complement your existing scent and keep it to the forefront of your look throughout the day, it’s perfect – and the collection from Bespoke is one of my favourites!


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