Fragrance: Exude confidence with this new Dear Barber classic

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I love nothing more than receiving and testing new fragrances. You never know what’s going to happen: How will it sit on my skin? Will the notes come through? How long will it last? It’s genuinely one of my favourite parts of my job, and discovering a new favourite fragrance is a moment that you’ll think back to every time you wear it going forward.

Generally speaking, I love woody and oudy scents, with a bit of spice and warmth thrown in for good measure. Nothing too overpowering – subtlety is key – but strong enough to come through in any situation and leave a lasting impression. After all, wear it frequently enough and, in the eyes of others, you and your scent are one and the same.

Dear Barber With Confidence | Carry On Connor

And while my favourites include Wonderoud from Comme des Garçons and the classic Jimmy Choo Man, a new discovery quickly climbing up that list is a side-project from male grooming and hair styling brand Dear Barber. Among the limited range of shampoos, conditioners, hair oils and styling products is With Confidence – a divine, 50ml fragrance for men, bringing together everything you want in a classic scent.

This vintage-inspired eau de toilette comes with an invigorating fresh, spicy twist, combining the classic scent integral to the brand’s range with light, woody notes of Bergamot, Musk, Vanilla, and Amber for the perfect masculine fragrance. With minimum spritz, the scent is instantly noticeable and I found it sat beautifully on my skin – potent enough for power through while blending seamlessly, for an around-the-clock option that suits any occasion.

In terms of versatility, I was impressed by just how adaptable the With Confidence scent actually is. It’s warm for winter but light enough for spring and summer too, working for both daytime with depth for the evening, and lending itself perfectly for both work and leisurewear. Although I would have liked the scent itself to have lasted a little longer, with each application wearing thin after a couple of hours, the bottle is compact enough to carry around, with a design that begs to be shown off in public.

Moreover, the short wear-time is forgiven with all things considered, as the price for the With Confidence 50ml Eau De Toilette rings in at just £19.99! So whether you’re looking to try something new for yourself, or want a low-cost gift from a premium British brand that’s sure to impress, Dear Barber’s With Confidence is a genuinely surprising discovery that certainly doesn’t disappoint.


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