Haircare: New styling staples from got2b’s Roaring High range

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Growing up with a barber as a dad, I used to have countless products thrust through my hair every morning, to the point where the gel and wax could have fended off a tornado. My hair literally wouldn’t move from the moment I stepped out the door to the time I got back home and into the shower, and made my way through bottles upon bottles of shampoo to wash it out. Consequently, when it comes to the styling products I choose now, I’m fussy.

I don’t like anything too strong or rigid, it has to be lightweight yet effective, and if it smells like a chemical factory it’s a no from me – tough customer, right? So when I was introduced to these new styling products from got2B and sat down for a tutorial on how to use them, my neck went stiff as I was taken back to being that tubby, toothless kid getting his spikes styled for his first day at primary school. It’s the same every time I sit in a hairdresser’s chair!

Got2B Roaring High Range | Carry On Connor

However, I was so intrigued by these new products I just had to try them out for myself – and now I use them all the time. Rewind: I’m talking about the Roaring High Texturising Powder to Cream and the Sprayable Clay Constructor from got2b. Here’s a little more on each of them:

Roaring High Texturising Powder to Cream

Don’t be fooled by the novelty of it all – these products are the real deal. The styling powder comes in a 15 g bottle and does what it says on the label. It comes out like a powder and, when you work it into your fingers, becomes a styling cream with a medium hold. It gives hair structure – though it’s not too strong – as well as a healthy, natural shine.

The application process is simple – the bottle is like a salt shaker, and you literally dispense into your hand, work into a cream, and run through your hair with the tips of your fingers. What I love about this is it’s less-is-more approach. I find with styling gels, clays and waxes, I always end up using far too much, and trying to work it out of my hair after loading it up to the max. But this is lightweight – start little, and build up.

If you’re looking for a light to medium hold that gives hair shape but leaves a fair amount of bounce too, this is a definite must-try.

Roaring High Sprayable Clay Constructor

As someone with naturally thick hair, I don’t have to worry too much when it comes to volume most days, but for those with thinner hair that loses life throughout the day, this clay spray is great. With a stronger hold, it gives definition from the roots, helping you maintain loud, proud styles all day, every day.

On the market in a 150 ml bottle, the spray is ideal for sculpting and setting the perfect quiff. However, I’ve actually been using this to revitalise my hair a couple of days after washing, spraying it into the roots to give a bit of a lift without holding my entire barnet firmly in place (which is an absolute pet peeve of mine). That, I think, is an area where both of these products work so well together – I use the clay constructor to lay the foundations, and layer with the texturising powder on top, shaping the overall finish.

Of course, you can use them however you like, and everyone’s hair is different, but for me the biggest selling point of these is a) the hold and the finish are lush, and b) the pricepoint is great! Both he Texturising Powder and the Sprayable Clay Constructor retail for £4.19. Bargain!

The Roaring High Texturising Powder to Cream and Sprayable Clay Constructor are two of the products from Schwarzkopf’s new range. You can read my thoughts on some of their other new releases here, and shop both products below.

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