Fragrance: Why I love this Yardley pocket-sized scent for men

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When it comes to fragrance, finding the perfect match seems like a never-ending struggle. From pinpointing your favourite notes, to finding a product that sits well on your skin, the tick box goes on and on. And, if that wasn’t enough already, longevity is key – because what’s the point if, by the time you’re on your second coffee of the morning, the scent has all but vanished.

Now, of course, products come with so many claims it can be hard to know which ones to abide by, and when the cost of fragrance is thrown into the mix it becomes even more difficult. No one wants to splurge upwards of £50 to find its just not effective – the one thing you really can’t test in the shop. As such, miniatures and ‘travel-size’ tonics have become increasingly popular, allowing us to carry round our scent and top up as required. No, it doesn’t solve the longevity problem, and admittedly adds to the overall cost, but it’s a solution, at least.

Yardley Pocket-sized Men | Carry On Connor

Aside from longevity though, brands also have to factor in our increasingly busy and active lifestyles, which often warrant multiple applications throughout the day. A day in the office isn’t just 9 to 5; it’s a lunchtime gym stop and an evening of drinks, each of which requires a freshening-up. So, portability is key – and who wants to be weighed down by a 100 ml glass bottle all day?

But let’s look at the travel-sized options for a minute. There’s the small sizes – 15 to 25 ml – which require a bag to be transported in, as well as the 5 ml refillable sprays, which are booming at the minute, and for good reason. They’re great for taking a small amount on the go and can be refilled with any scent. However, when it comes to practicality, they’re lacking, and the cylindrical shape makes for an awkward bottle to disguise. Trust me, in a trouser pocket, it’s not ideal. Same thing with the roll-on scent sticks. And particularly if you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t carry a bag with him everywhere, it soon becomes an obstacle.

That’s why I think Yardley Gentleman compact perfume spray is so great. Following the design of the hip-flask – turning the traditional tumbler into a squared, easily-concealed container – this compact is pocket shaped and sized, no bigger than a mobile phone (or even a smaller battery pack), but holds an impressive 18 ml of fragrance just the same. There’s no lid or loose parts, so nothing to lose, and it’s discreet to carry and spray, meaning you can top up easily without drawing attention.

My first question, of course, when I met up with Yardley team at their launch event in London (more on my Instagram highlights), was concerning the black plastic bottle. Like most brands, cutting down on plastic is a priority, and they assured me it’s a) 100% recyclable and b) an issue they’re looking into going forward. Looking at the bottle and its box, there are clear signs indicating it can be recycled, which is great. It’s also cruelty-free and ozone friendly, which is great. I’d also love to see these become refillable to cut down on waste, but I’m sure that’s something that could be easily done with a few tweaks.

Yardley Pocket-sized Men | Carry On Connor

Right now, there’s just the Urbane scent on the market – blending bergamot and lavender top notes with thyme and tarragon, with hints sandalwood, patchouli and musk – which I personally love and was shortlisted for the Pure Beauty Awards 2018. It’s dynamic and flamboyant with its array of notes, but not too isolating and, in reality, will appeal to the majority of men. Moreover, and the £3.99 price point, it’s a steal, and well worth a try!

In total, there are five scents in the Yardley Gentleman range and, based on the success of this release, there’s plans to bring out all five in the compact form (from a quick search, I think some have already made it onto the market overseas). But for such a great idea and at the price point it’s at, I can’t see why that wouldn’t happen.

Right now, the product’s still rolling out, but is available to purchase on Yarley’s official website – click here for more info. Or you can shop other products from the Urbane range below.

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