Pug Diaries: Isn’t anyone going to offer me a seat?

This weekend marked 4 weeks – one month – since we picked Ollie up, which seems insane. More than anything, the fact we’re already into February is equally terrifying and exciting, and as storm Ciara engulfs the U.K. I have to say I can’t wait until the summer – actually, even spring will do! I think the dogs feel the same way, to be honest. The park was closed today, meaning their walk had to be cut short (I, of course, wasn’t complaining).

So now we’re back I thought I’d use the extra time to write a quick update. Ollie was at the vet this week for his first check-up – which came back clear. He’s supposed to be getting booked in for nose surgery to help him breathe better, but I’m kind of unsure that he actually needs it. He’ll get out of breath if he runs around like crazy – but I don’t know that it’s actually a bad thing. Put it this way – he manages hour-long walks just fine. Maybe I just don’t like the idea of him going under anaesthetic…

Ollie on the Overground | Carry On Connor

For now though, all was good. He’s got a bit of a skin issue, but they think that’s to do with his folds and we have a cream for it. It’s weird, because although they’re both pugs, Toby’s face has more shape to it – he has more of a snout – whereas Ollie’s is a proper flat pug face, so needs more attention – which he’s not a massive fan of. In fact, the only way to really work round it is to clean them and put on the ointment before dinner (bribery with food’s always a winner!).

The journey back from the vet was also a first for him – his first run-in with rush hour in London. And as you can see, he was less-than-impressed with having to sit on the floor the entire journey (I mean, I was standing so he got it quite easy IMO). He also didn’t seem too enamoured by people trying to stroke him, and ducked away any which way he could to avoid human interaction. Again, I wonder where he learnt that from… All in all though, he manages the tube well, which is great because I hate going anywhere without them.

Dinner time’s always a favourite!

When Ollie and I left the flat, Toby couldn’t quite understand why he wasn’t invited along for the expedition. Not that his desperation to leave the house would have lasted long; we usually make it downstairs and out the door before he steps out in the cold, realises he’d rather go back to bed and refuses to walk completely. But that’s the grumpy old pug in him for you. Now, he’s sprawled across two pillows on the bed and doesn’t look set to move. At all.

Anyway, it’s his turn next week – I couldn’t face taking them both on the same day, solo. It’ll also be the first time Ollie’s been left home alone without Toby to keep him company. I’m sure he’ll be fine – Toby’s go-to response is an eye roll and a turned back, so there won’t be much to miss. Needless to say, I’m sure he’ll act hard done by when I get back (until he gets a treat and conveniently forgets all about it!).


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