Pug Diaries: Introducing Ollie

New year, new pug – that’s how the saying goes, right?

Well, it certainly was this year, as we decided it was time to get Toby a new friend – well, acquaintance, let’s not be hasty – to have around the house. Ollie came to us via the Dogs Trust. We saw an ad for him on Twitter at our local centre and dropped them a call to see if he was still looking for a home. He was, and we swept in – we visited with Toby on the Wednesday to see if they got on, and on Saturday he came home.

[Note: Toby was also from the Dogs Trust so they’d already done the necessary home visits etc.]

Ollie’s 8 years old – but he’s more like a puppy. My GOD does he have energy. At the centre they told us he has breathing problems and bad legs (like Toby, typical pug problems, so we thought we were, in effect, getting Toby mark 2. How wrong we were.

Introducing Ollie

No sooner was he through the door than he was firing round the flat like something from Wacky Races. It was at that moment the What have we done? realisation began to hit. We wanted a chilled, laid back companion for Toby – we got a nutcase. *Googles Dogs Trust ‘refund and exchange’ policy*.

I’m joking, of course – but there was a part of me that did secretly think shit, this ain’t gonna work. 1) Because Toby’s the epitome of a grumpy old pug and likes things quiet and 2) How TF was I going to work with Usain Bolt charging round the room. The fact that he totally demolished one of his new toys within an hour didn’t fill me with hope either, I’ll admit, as I sewed it together with a glass of wine in one hand and needle and thread in the other.

Fortunately, that was just day one. And, to be fair, after a 2 hour journey across London and the excitement of a new home, it was understandable. But, come bed time, they both slept up beside us right through the night, and in the morning they happily slept in until we were ready to get up (which for me being the fool that I am was 7am). Since then, he’s literally been a wonder dog.

The pair of them are getting along so well, it’s crazy. Especially for Toby, who’s never too fussed when he sees other dogs in the park etc. The pair of them cuddle up on the sofa together, follow each other around, and have developed a kind of routine where they totally just do the same things at the same time. They know when its meal times, they like to walk at lunch, and come 6pm they’re ready to settle down to a Netflix documentary about real-life crime (ok, maybe they have no choice in that matter).

Most importantly, though, they’re both happy. Toby too – which was always a worry. But I think they really do like each other. Honestly, they melt my (stone) heart.

For more on Ollie’s history with the Dogs Trust, check out his page here, and here are some highlights from his and Toby’s first couple of weeks together…

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