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Back again with another gift guide and this time it comes from the man of the moment, the Tobmeister himself. Yes, he’s back with another favourites list, and this time it’s all about Christmas, naturally. After a day out in the park choosing this year’s tree yesterday, he spent the rest of the afternoon laying under it – he really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Today, however, he was back at work, looking through some of our favourite #Pugmas releases this year and narrowing down the list to his top 4. From toys to treats (and 5kg bags of food), there really is something for every pup in this year’s rundown of top picks – all of which come will the seal of approval from our resident elf (yes, those really are his elf ears…)

Toby Gift Guide

So, now it really ’tis the season, being December and all, let’s get to it…

Pooch & Mutt – Happy Poochmas

OK I’m gonna come right out and say this might just be my favourite doggy gift set of 2019 – because its just got everything you could possibly want (and more). Not only does it come complete with the standards – the toy, bag of chews and tub of treats (full size btw) – you also get your dog’s turkey and duck Christmas dinner included.

Toby Gift Guide

I can’t actually think of any Pooch & Mutt products that Toby hasn’t loved, and the same can be said for this one. The treats went down a… well, treat, and judging from the speed he ate the dinner I’m sure whether he tasted it or not (but I’m sure it was great!).

Added extras? Well, it comes with a stamp of approval from PETA and its not tested on animals. Pooch and Mutt are also an Ethical Company recognised by the Good Shopping Guide. And, finally, each box comes with a 50% off voucher for your next purchase of food. All in all, you couldn’t ask for more.

Webbox – Doggie Deli Pack

When Webbox got in touch with me this was the first product that caught my eye, and what a great idea it is. Not only is this a great gift, the food itself looks so good – truthfully, I was tempted to sample it myself. With pork, beef, chicken and cheese treats, it’ll be sitting side-by-side with out antipasti selection on Christmas day – just hope I don’t get confused.

Toby Gift Guide

I have to say, the entire Webbox range not only has pretty much every kind of pet-friendly gift you could want, but also comes at a really low price-point – which, if you have a family full of pets, is more than convenient. Moreover, however, the majority is grain free and free of artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives.

Definitely a brand that I’ll be keeping on my radar (and if not, I’m sure Toby will), and product I’m sure I’ll be buying time and time again. They also so fab advent calendars, and sticking with this year’s bauble trend, there are even dog and cat ones filled with delicious treats. I know, right?!

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Chuckit – Breathe Right Fetch Ball

No one wants their dog to get bored but combine an active pup with toys and it soon turns into a recipe for disaster. OK, active isn’t exactly the word I’d use to describe Toby, but when it came to the Chuckit range these balls stood out to be as a genius idea – because no matter how hard they’re thrown, they’re not going to cause damage. Well, unless it’s right at a vase, obviously…

Toby Gift Guide

These rubber balls have an open structure design, meaning they glide well through the air and don’t have such a hard landing. Moreover, they’re great for flat faced dogs or those with breathing difficulties, as they can get their teeth into them easily and carry them for longer periods.

While these balls are fine for indoor use, they’re also compatible with Chuckit’s range of outdoor launchers, meaning you can take them out and about and be the envy of the other dogs in the park. Just don’t let them know they come in a set of two, or they’re sure to want to join in!

Edgard & Cooper – Naturally Tasty Dog Food

Finally, an old favourite of Toby’s, and one I wanted to include because he literally does not go a day without it. The range of natural food from Edgard & Cooper is exemplary, and whether it’s dry or wet food, chews or treats, it’s right up there with the Pooch & Mutt selection as one that he just can’t get enough of.

Toby Gift Guide

Yes, I’m kind of cheating by showing off the whole range, but these are some of toby’s favourites. The beef jerky keeps him quiet for hours (OK let’s call it 10 mins) and he loves the Lamb & Beef bites as a quick reward for… well, just being there really.

Why am I including this in a gift guide? Well, if your dog has everything they could ever want and you don’t know what to spend your money on, splurge on some tasty and healthy treats, or a bag of premium food – you won’t regret it, and they’ll for sure thank you for it!


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