November favourites – lifestyle edit

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Halloween is over, which can only mean one thing… it’s time to get FESTIVE! Yes, the Christmas season is almost upon us, and I’m living for it! It is my favourite time of the year, and I make no apologies for the fact that from now until – let’s be real – next February, I’ll be singing carols and playing Christmas music non-stop.

Naturally, this month will be all about gift guides, so make sure you drop your email in the box below to make sure you don’t miss out on anything – there’s loads of good stuff coming up!

However, a new month, of course, means a new monthly favourites post and this is perhaps the most mish-mashed favourites post I’ve done, for no other reason than the fact I’ve been immersed in all things spooky for the past month – thanks to my boyfriend who’s seemingly had to watch every horror ever made – and when I’ve not been in that mood I’ve been trying to distance myself with the complete opposites.

Oh well, I suppose there’ll be something that appeals to everyone’s taste. And if not, I suppose it’s a nice insight into the past 31 days of my life…

TV: The Purge (season 2)

Let’s start with the last thing I ever thought I’d be putting here because even the thought of the Purge movies breaks me out in a sweat. I don’t have the stomach for horror at the best of times and something like the idea of purging, which isn’t too far from the world we live in today IMO, brings me out in a rash. However, this is the Amazon Prime Video show and, have to say, it’s great!

The difference here is, the series is set after the last purge night, and deals with how the characters navigate through the year – which is literally bookended by purge nights. And that really is the difference here. Whereas the films (and season 1 of the Amazon show, actually) are more about the violence and brutality of purging, this is about the after-effects: mental, physical, in terms of people, families, relationships, etc.

I should point out, you don’t have to have watched the first season to enjoy this. It’s totally different characters and has a totally different basis (which is good, because I never remember anything between series). Give it a go and, trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Music: Cher – Believe

Well, there’s a throwback for you!

No, you’ve not gone back to 1998 – and yes, I would have been just 2 years old – but last month I watched Cher turn back time (see what I did there… lacking originality, I know) at The O2 in London, and she was spectacular!

Actually it was like turning back time in a lot of ways because I saw pretty much the same show in Vegas two years ago. But this time, of course, it was in an arena, and I never thought I’d see a 73-year-old almost blow the roof off the place like she did that night. Honestly, a night to remember and something I never thought I’d get to see after so many “farewell tours” – let alone twice!

Check out some of the highlights from the show:

Book: What A Life! – E.V.L. and G.M.

When I received this through the mail as a gift from my friend I had no idea what to make of it. I should clarify – I knew it’d be good because she buys good gifts, but it was something I hadn’t heard of before, it was a beat-up old copy, and I opened it after a long day at work. Yeah, OK, I just needed a glass of wine to get me going.

Like this post? Check out…

However, once I did I was hooked! No, really – so it’s an absurd novel made by two guys in 1911, who narrated an entire story from cut-outs from Whitely’s Catalogue. The book tells the tale of an aristocratic Englishman and it’s totally nonsensical – so much so, it becomes a masterpiece.

I’ve had a look online and there are quite a few reasonably priced copies available, so do check it out! You’ll either love it or, if not, don’t crease the spine and give it to a friend as a Christmas gift. It’s a win-win, really, isn’t it?!

Film: In The Tall Grass

Gosh, can’t you tell I’ve been getting into the Halloween spirit over the past month?! To my surprise, this was one of my favourite new movies of the month, however – which maybe because it’s not as terrifying as I’d feared. Instead, it’s a kind of spooky Stephen King story about a family who gets lost in a field of – you guessed it – tall grass, as they attempt to navigate different timelines.

I don’t want to go into it too much because I’ll inadvertently spoil it, but there are a lot of twists and turns, and at times you don’t really know who’s who… or where they are… or what they are. I know, it’s a tough one to explain – I should have chosen something simpler, shouldn’t I? Oh well…

Anyway, I really enjoyed this, and I think its a movie that, whether you’re into horrors, thrillers, whatever, it’ll appeal in some way or another. And that’s that on that!


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