Happy Halloween!

Well, October’s well and truly flown by, and what better way to mark the end – October 31st – Halloween – than with a bit of dress-up? No, not me, of course… Toby!

Or, should I say…

Toby as Chucky | Carry On... Connor

I mean, the face says it all… For a dog who’ll do anything on the promise of a treat, he absolutely hated this costume. I think that was mostly because whenever he walked/waddled, the knife hit him in the face. He looked quite flustered by it, I have to say – but it was totally adorable!

Otherwise, he loved the wig, although he did get agitated whenever it shifted to the side. In fact, looking at the quality of it, I think he and Donald Trump go to the same wigmaker… Clearly Toby opted for the superior option. Although a bit Cilla Black, maybe?

Anyway, however you’re celebrating – whether you’re out getting candy or at home scoffing pumpkin pie and watching horror movies – have a great night! And make the most of it, because once Halloween’s out the way, it’s all about Chris…

Well, I’ll give you these last few hours before I use that word!



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