October favourites – Halloween edit

I can’t believe I just sat for a good 10 minutes trying to remember what post I had planned for today before realising it’s October. Yes, OCTOBER. HALLOWEEN SEASON!

…and we all know what that means (don’t worry, I’ll hold off with the C-word for now)

Have to say, this is quite possibly my favourite time of the year. Because although I do love summer, there’s something so nice about the weather changing, and being able to slip into your jogging pants, curl up under a blanket and watch re-runs of Keeping Up Appearances without feeling like you should be making an effort to get out of the house.

Let me tell you – if it’s raining, I ain’t moving. No exceptions.

What it also means is it’s time for another monthly favourites, and there’s a bit of a spooky theme going on, (super)naturally!

TV: Creepshow

Ok so watching this was not my idea, let me put that out there right from the get-go. However, I am hooked – and I don’t know why. Don’t forget, this is the person who didn’t watch the end of the first Harry Potter movie until he was about 15 because he was too scared (I stand by it, the second head under the turban is scary AF).

This horror anthology series follows on from the first two films in the Creepshow franchise, with each episode featuring two standalone stories based on short-form literature from the likes of Stephen King, Josh Malerman and Joe Hill. I think what I like best about it – apart from the fact it’s short and I don’t lose attention – is that it’s more spooky than scary, which I can kinda deal with.

Actually, it has a kind of Inside No. 9 vibe to it, if anyone’s seen that (FYI you totally should). But all in all, it’s just good, fun Halloween TV, which – as the nights start to draw in as the month goes on – what more do you want?

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Music: Kim Petras – Turn off the Light

Last year Kim Petras dropped her Turn off the Light vol. 1 EP and quickly became the Queen of Halloween for gays everywhere. Fast-forward 12 months (to the date, in fact), and she’s served up another set of terrifying tunes – scrapping a planned vol. 2 in favour of releasing a complete collection.

Including all the songs from vol. 1 in addition to 9 new tracks, the set alternates between haunting electronic instrumentals and powerhouse bangers that will no doubt be the staple of Halloween parties for years to come. And what’s more, it’s not just the concept that’s great – aside from the theme, the tunes themselves are solid.

I’m always shocked by how few people – away from gay Twitter, of course – don’t know Kim’s music. But you really should. Check out Turn off the Light below – and click here for her album Clarity, which was out in June.

Book: Practical Magic

You know, I’m the kinda guy that likes a fun Halloween romp as opposed to some horror/slasher monstrosity that will (literally) leave me with nightmares right into the new year. Hence, Practical Magic has always been one of my favourite Halloween movies – and the book is just as good.

Two sisters at loggerheads discovering their magical powers – after one of them murdered her partner. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and is sorely underrated. In fact, I wish they’d make a sequel!

If you’re after groundbreaking literature, then this ain’t the one for you – but for a bit of seasonal fun it’s one of my absolute favourites – and one you’ll come back to time and time again!

Film: Hocus Pocus

I mean, it would be criminal for me not to…

You know, I spoke to someone the other day who’d never seen Hocus Pocus – and, let me tell you, it was a very short conversation. Classic classic classic Halloween – what more is there to say? Every year it’s the tradition: carve the pumpkins, make pumpkin pie, then watch Hocus Pocus. I can’t wait!

Oh, and Bette Midler. If you needed any more persuading…


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