International Dog Day: Toby’s picks

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Happy International Dog Day!

Of course, every day is dog day over at our house – anything less and Toby would have put himself up for adoption by now. However, with today being official and all, he’s had even more treats than usual, and – at his own insistence – might just be the most pampered pug around.

Toby The Pug Carry On... Connor

Never one to miss out on anything, Toby’s favourite time of day is going down to collect the mail. And since I started this blog, it’s fair to say the number of parcels arriving for him are rivalling mine at the minute (Note: email me via the link above for features/collabs – Toby can’t overtake me!)

So to mark this special occasion for dogs worldwide, I wanted to share some of his recent favourites – kinda like my monthly Lifestyle favourites, but for dogs of all ages and descriptions. Some are longtime favourites and some are more recent discoveries. But all of them have been given the seal of approval by the Simon Cowell of the pug world.

[FYI so I decided to write this on one of the hottest days of the year, which isn’t ideal pug weather. So if you’re wondering why there are no pics of Toby with the products, it’s because he’s currently sat in front of the fan trying not to hyperventilate.]

Edgard Cooper

Natural, grain-free dog food brand Edgard Cooper has been a favourite of Toby’s for a while now. In fact, he just can’t get enough of the stuff – which is good, because we just had a(nother) box of 48 cans of meat and 12 kg of dry food delivered last week (see below). Let’s see how long they last…

But new to the brand is their ‘snack’ range: with jerky, bars and bites to tide your dog over until the next meal (because, let’s be honest, 2 meals a day just ain’t enough!) All of the snacks in the range are formulated similarly to the food, so if your dog loves the standard range, they’ll love these too!

And yes, we all know I’m one of those dog dads who likes them to have as good as (if not better than) me – and this range doesn’t disappoint. Not only can I tailor Toby’s snacks to match mine when we’re out and about, but these just look so good – the packaging is stunning – that I kind of wish they did a human range too. Just a thought…

Mikki’s Grooming

Toby loves to be pampered – and when I step into the shower he stands staring from the other side of the glass, like he’s missing out. In fact, if you haven’t already seen the Bath Time with Toby the Pug video, you can check it out here. Warning: it’s very screengrab-able!

However, Toby’s skin is quite gentle, and at times can become quite sensitive – and during the changing seasons especially, gets flakey too. That’s why I love this new shampoo from Mikki. It’s made of natural aloe and bamboo, and it’s so gentle and soothing. Have you ever noticed that dog shampoos can make your hands itch – especially if you have sensitive skin too? Sometimes, Toby’s regular shampoo does that to me – not that it’s necessarily a bad thing – but this one feels more like a gentle soap than a harsh shampoo. It’s great!

The brand also sent me Gentle Grooming Massage Slicker to try, and he can’t get enough of it – and, have to say, I quite like it too! Toby’s one of those dogs that doesn’t really like to show when he’s enjoying something. But when the mood takes him, he sometimes can’t help but wriggle. That’s what this does to him. I’ll try to film a video of it on my Instagram page, if I can stop myself from laughing too much.


Don’t you just find it impossible to make you dog diet? I don’t know what it is – whether I’m just too soft or (more likely) if he’s just too greedy – but I can’t help myself. And no matter how much I reduce his treat intake, his weight never seems to change. Well, it goes up, never down.

The thing about Toby, though, is that he’s not one for toys – my biggest sadness… He has his one toy, which he takes everywhere with him, and we have to keep replacing every couple of years by sewing the old ‘skin’ onto a new plush so he’ll take to it. Yes, it’s a Mogwai…

Toby and his Mogwai Toy Carry On... Connor

Anyway, what he will take to is food and bones – but I’m cautious about giving him too many, because he will just scoff them down and absolutely balloon. So these treat/toys are great! They look like treats and taste like treats – Toby’s is beef jerky flavour – but they’re not. They’re just really great chewy toys that help clean teeth – because, really, does Toby look like he’s gonna let me brush his teeth? – and keep dogs active.

Would it be Toby’s top choice? Maybe not. But if it means I don’t get pestered 10 times a minute, I’m sold!


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