How old am I again?

No, seriously – I asked myself that question yesterday and realised I’ve been getting it wrong for the past year.


So turns out I’m 23 next month, not 24 like I thought, which kinda means I’ve been living a lie for the last 12 months. Oh well… Although it did make me think about how preoccupied we are with time and using it as a marker for things. Especially success – who doesn’t want to say they reached x milestone by the age of ___? It’s nuts.


I’ve never really been one for birthdays though. I mean, I love celebrating other people’s, but when it comes to my own I just can’t be bothered (hence I’ve no clue how old I am). Even as a kid I used to cover my ears when people sang Happy Birthday to me. Maybe I’m just petrified of ageing – that’d explain why I’ve been lathering creams of all descriptions on my face since the age of 13!

But even little, everyday things. Working 9-5. Eating at certain points of the day. Not pouring a wine until after 7pm. Maybe I have a different outlook on this because a) I work from home and b) my working day begins at 7am, so things are kinda brought forward from the norm. I just find it weird though.

I’ve never liked rules so, really, if you’re gonna tell me to do something a certain way at a certain time, you know I’m going to do the complete opposite. But also, I just like to do what I want when I want – and I think most people are the same. Think of how many times we complain during the day about “Having to do this” or “Got to do that”… it’s depressing!

I guess I have it good in the sense I’m not bound by travelling to an office or being confined to the same place for 8 hours a day. But even in our free time we like to place constraints on ourselves and seem to constantly be living by the clock. God, let’s all just quit this obsession with time and do what we want to. Doesn’t that sound more fun?

Speaking of which, I’ve taken the next week off work, which means I can (finally) get ahead on here and (hopefully) get some good content lined – which I know has been getting less and less over the past couple of weeks. Sorry. In fact, the reason I’m writing that here is to make me do it, otherwise I’ll just end up binge watching Netflix and scoffing chocolates for the next 7 days.

I’m also running a poll over on my Instagram Stories and I want to hear from you guys. Click here to head over and let me know what you want to see more of over on the blog. Also, make sure you Like my Facebook page page, because I’ll be using it to test the waters with some new ideas over the next few days.

In the meantime, I hope you’re all having a great weekend. Once again, I wrote this before breakfast/coffee because I’m soooo behind, so I’m off to cook some eggs, brew some coffee and *fingers crossed* wake myself up. Ciao.



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