I’m switching off from politics

Isn’t politics exhausting?! It goes without saying that a part of my job is to be switched on to what’s happening in the world, but lately I’ve refused to engage in anything political – because, let’s be real, who even knows what’s really going on? In the UK, the 3-year-long countdown to Brexit continues, with the Daily Mail online adding a fear-mongering countdown to every story they post, while the US is in disarray over the upcoming 2020 election. It’s all too much.

Whether you’re left or right, it’s undeniable that the powers that be in the world right now are inept and out of touch. You only need to look at both countries to see that. We’re in the midst of a civil war and, while it may not be violent (yet), so much is riding on decisions that are completely out of our hands. It’s hardly surprising; 2 Prime Ministers have resigned over Brexit so far, leaving the country with 2 leaders who weren’t elected by the public, while talk of corruption over the US 2016 election continues.

Of course, this is nothing new, and there’s always been a level of scepticism surrounding politicians, and a degree of distrust depending on each person’s political preference. But 3 years is a long time. It’s the entire length of my undergrad degree. It’s longer than my longest standing job. A family could have had 3 kids in that time. Ok, that would be a push (and I’d call them crazy for sure), but the fact is, it’s been going on for so long and the consequences are becoming clearer every day.


I’m all for political differences and strongly believe we should be tolerant to everyone’s right to have a freedom of speech and opinion. But 3 years of political turmoil has only heightened these differences, and pitted opposing sides against each other to such a degree that minor squabbles are now blown up as major opposing views. So much so, the government has almost become a parody of itself – they’ve embodied their own real-life satire. It’s a real life Private Eye! And, to be honest, I’ve just lost all interest…

Earlier this week, I read Taylor Swift’s interview for US Vogue’s September issue, and what struck me was how she claimed media baiting was largely responsible for her feud with Katy Perry, because each side believed the other must have an issue with them, because it was being so widely reported – when, in fact, there was little substance. And if you look at the majority of the political stories reported in the media, they too are lacking in substance. What they do have, however, is a line and an angle that’s designed to pit the left against the right and create a media frenzy – which is obviously working.

That’s why I’ve finally turned off the news. Not because I don’t care, but because I care too much. Is it any wonder we’re all feeling the pressure of Brexit, Trump, Russia and North Korea? It’s inescapable and, while it’s being reported on a near daily basis, the reports themselves are really quite tenuous. If the world’s ending, we’re gonna know about it, and I figure we don’t need daily updates on what progress has (or hasn’t) been made over the past 24 hours. I’ve enough to be stressed about without having to worry about yet another person who’s incapable of doing their job properly. Let’s just enjoy our lives!

I’m not a political person at all, but one thing I’ve always believed in is personal responsibility. Ok, for the past 3 years the UK has had unelected PMs ruling the country – but we elected the government that proposed Brexit, and which subsequently replaced the two outgoing leaders. I think we have to get over being left or right, liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, and vote for who, regardless of party, has the best policies, best campaign and, most of all, seems like the person to take us forward and fix the mess that’s been left behind.

So although I’m not engaging in what’s going on right now, I am looking forward, and thinking of the future that I want to live in – and want others to live in too – and doing my part to spread a message of positivity, optimism and, most of all, love. And with any luck, if we all approach today and all of our tomorrows with that mindset, we can get things back on track sooner rather than later.


(Well, that was a deep Sunday blog post. Who knew I’d wake up with so much on my mind today? Anyway, on with the day – time for coffee! Have a great weekend…)


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