Celebrating milestones and giveaway winner

I mentioned in my post on Friday that this week marks 1 month since I first started this site, and I still can’t quite believe how quickly the time has gone by since I made the leap and started sharing posts. It took so much work – physically and mentally – to get this off the ground and actually commit myself to investing time and effort into something that could have fallen flat on it’s face in the first week. But it’s proven that, with a bit of determination and a lot of luck, good things can happen. One of the mantras I try to live my life by comes from one of my idols, Vogue’s creative director Grace Coddington, and it says:

“Perseverance, dream a bit, and be passionate about it…”

It’s something I keep close by me in a lot of things I do, but particularly when it comes to working on something you’re passionate about, I think it’s easy to become disenchanted when everything doesn’t happen at once. I’m not one of those people who’s naturally good at looking back and reflecting on successes, but sometimes I force myself to acknowledge the good that’s happened. Looking back over the month, the site’s had over 3,000 hits, which is more than I ever imagined – so, honestly, thank you so much!


Working as a journalist, there’s never really time to look to the past – the whole industry is about being one step ahead of what’s happening and moving forwards. And I think that’s true of most jobs nowadays. With technology advancing and being seen to be pioneering and championing worthy causes a priority, it seems like our ‘to-do’ lists are getting longer while the milestones we achieve just fade into the background.

I’ve always worked on the philosophy that, unless someone tells me something’s wrong, everything’s good, and I guess learning to recognise your own achievements is the most important thing. Because as nice as it would be to have someone on hand to tell you what’s good all the time, the reality is we’re all busy, and everyone’s got to look out for themselves. I guess, for me, it comes from a place of juggling several commitments, and having to know when I need to work more and when I need to step back and say “actually, you’ve done enough now“.

That’s why I think learning to listen to your body and take charge of your own mental health is a good thing. We’re so preoccupied with counting likes, gaining followers and being recognised online, but suppose one day Instagram just ceased to exist. What’s left? Nothing. I wrote about mindfulness the other week, and I think another part of that is doing things because they make you happy – and not just because you have to. Obviously, that’s unavoidable in some cases, and you have to just grin and bear it, but I wish that when I was at school there was more emphasis on doing what makes you happy, as opposed to being successful.

And if you do think someone’s done a particularly good job with something – whether they’ve achieved a goal they’ve been working on for a while, or just look great in a killer outfit – tell them! Working on yourself is one thing, but it’s amazing how much difference a single compliment can make to a person’s day.

I also said earlier this week I’d be announcing the winner of the £50 face mask giveaway today – and I didn’t realise how difficult it would be only being able to give away one prize. I’m that awful person who, at secret Santa when you’re only supposed to give one gift under £5, I’ll have something for everyone, regardless of the cost. However, I’ve held myself back – mainly because I don’t want to give away all of my possessions – and the winner is *drum-roll* (ugh, how cheesy): Lee Walker.

To everyone who subscribed, thank you so much! Keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways in the near future, and I hope you’re enjoying the site. Lee, I’ve sent you a message, so let me know your details and I’ll get the masks to you asap. But for now, I’m off to enjoy the rest of the weekend and, after an afternoon in the sun at a barbecue yesterday, I need an extra strong coffee to get me ready for the day!



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