August favourites – lifestyle edit

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It was only when I came to writing this post that I realised my website’s been live for a month already – which is crazy! I’m going to talk more about that in Sunday’s blog post, but I just want to quickly thank everyone who’s liked, shared, and subscribed so far – it means so much. I’ll also be announcing the winner of my face mask giveaway over the weekend, so if you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe below to be in with a chance of winning £50 worth of my favourite products!

Anyway, enough of the rambling – let’s get on with this month’s favourites. I love dong these posts so much, because it just gives me a space to rave about some of my favourite things and hopefully introduce you guys to some new discoveries along the way. I have to say, for once I’ve managed to hold off the spending this month, and when I was putting this together I did contemplate adding in some of the things I didn’t buy. Then I realised all that would do is make me even more determined to go out and spend ridiculous amounts on sunglasses, jackets and homeware – all of which I’m still not entirely over leaving on the shelf.

So, I’ve narrowed it down to the things I’ve loved the most over the past couple of weeks, and the things I keep coming back to over and over again. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Fashion: Looney Tunes Porky Pig hoodie from Zara

Oh my goodness, when I saw this hoodie in Zara I knew I just HAD to have it. I don’t know whether it’s because I love Porky Pig and it looked sooo comfortable, or if the fact he kind of looks like me has something to do with it, but there was no way I was putting it back on the shelf! And the added bonus is, his backside is printed on the back too (you know what I mean – filth!).


I have to say, the high street stores are doing so well lately with their licensed collections. Over the past few months, I’ve picked up quite a few different pieces from Warner and Disney brands for really good prices – and they’ve been decent quality too. I’ve found Zara, Pull & Bear and – somewhat surprisingly – Primark have had the best selections this year, although I have to admit I did love the Super Mario Bros. line from Uniqlo.

As the season comes to an end, keep an eye out in the sales. Primark usually keep the cost down year round, but there’ll often be a significant price drop in other stores on branded merch, which makes it all the more satisfying. And I can say that, because the hoodie was down from £25.99 to £5.99 – steal! Sadly, it seems to have sold out online. Sorry.

TV: Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers

Give me even a hint of a conspiracy theory and I want to know more. When I saw this documentary on Netflix, I couldn’t help but click on it, and I was totally engrossed from start to finish. OK, it’s nothing groundbreaking, and maybe part of the appeal was that I wasn’t alive when Bob Lazar popped up the first time round. But, if like me you know of Area 51 and are intrigued to know the ins and outs of how it became public knowledge, and stories that exist surrounding it, I’d definitely recommend giving this a try.

The basic premise of the film is that, after speaking about what he saw at Area 51 in 1989, Lazar disappeared from the public eye, and there were several theories as to why, citing the FBI, secret service etc. But now, a group of reporters and filmmakers catch up with the scientist in 2018, and – along with other newly collected testimony – they reflect on Lazar’s reports from back in the day. As I said, not a game-changer, but a good watch.

Music: Little Boots – Jump EP

I debated over whether or not I should include this or hold off until next time, because it was only released today. However, I’ve listened to the new EP from Little Boots around 10 times already since I woke up this morning and just can’t get enough of it.

I’ve been a fan of the singer since she first came out in 2009 with her debut Hands, and the follow up albums Nocturnes and Working Girl have been equally fantastic. Over the past couple of years she’s released a couple of EPs, and has teased an album in the near future. But what I love most about her music is how versatile it is; it’s perfect background music and really is a joy to listen to, but read between the lines and the songs themselves are so intricate. They’re also bloody good to dance to.

LB is also from Blackpool, where I’m from originally, so it wouldn’t be right to not show some support, right? Anyway, you can stream below or download the EP here*.

Book: Marjorie Wallace – The Silent Twins


I was so fascinated when I first heard about June and Jennifer Gibbons that I just had to get this book and find out more. The girls were born in 1963, and became known as The Silent Twins because they only communicated with each other and wouldn’t speak to family or friends at all. They began writing works of fiction together, but later turned to crime, and were eventually admitted to Broadmoor Hospital, where they were held for 11 years.

I’ve always been fascinated by identical twins and the bond between them, but this real life story takes things to another level, and really is extraordinary. You couldn’t write it as a work of fiction – but as reality, it seems so unreal… but it is. The book features interviews with the girls, and documents their lives during the notorious years. Wallace, who wrote the book, first covered the twins for a piece in The Sunday Times newspaper, before putting together a complete work on the duo.

Not only is The Silent Twins a great story, it’s also a one of a kind insight into the way society and culture conditions us to think and act a certain way – and the shortfalls of such… Click here to purchase*.


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