Bath time with Toby the pug

[AD info: This is not a paid post. The product is a gifted press sample.]

Thank you so much to everyone who subscribed to the mailing list and received the full Bath Time with Toby the Pug video ahead of time. I’ll be launching a skincare giveaway early next week with some of my favourite products at the minute, so keep a look out for details on how to enter soon.

I thought it was finally time to share the full bath time video on YouTube after teasing you guys with the short version last week. I’ve had so many messages about Toby – so don’t worry, there’ll definitely be more from him. And of course he’ll love that, because fame brings with it lots of treats and attention. He’s such a #DIVA (wonder where he gets that from…).

I hope you like the full video. I’ll be launching my YouTube channel properly over the next month or so, so remember to like and subscribe to keep up to date with all the latest content!


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